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Portable Sonic Waterpick


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The Sonic Waterpick is a self care essential.  Using the Sonic Waterpick will keep your gums healthy and disease free. Research has shown that using the Sonic Waterpick in addition to brushing your teeth are good ways to take care of teeth and gums.

World Class Dental

The HelloHealings™ Water Flossers are premium dental care products that are professionally recommended.

Why Choose HelloHealings?

Because brushing your teeth is not enough.

Just brushing leaves plaque and food debris behind, which can lead to gum disease, tooth decay, and bad breath. The HelloHealings Water Flosser is the Easy and Most Effective Way to Floss. It removes the debris that brushing leaves behind, and it is clinically proven to improve oral health.

Recommended by Dental Professionals

9 out of 10 dental professionals recommend the HelloHealings Water Flosser over other brands. That's because HelloHealings is known for performance and quality.

Why Water Flossers?

Brushing alone is not enough, protect your oral health at home and between dental visits with one of our water flossers.

Product details


Charge time: ~4 hours

Water tank capacity: 200mL

Waterproof rating: IPX7 Waterproof

  • Water pressure 30-130psi
  • Unique design, stable water pressure system.
  • Comes with 4 different jet tips.
  • Effectively prevent oral problems such as tooth decay and gingivitis.
  • United States FDA approved.
  • Three different cleaning modes.
  • 240mL water tank, Just add water once to clean the mouth.
  • 2200mAh lithium battery, 30 days long battery life.
  • IPX7 waterproof rating
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Product reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Cortez Victor

Well... it works. But it is really hard to control and you will definitely spray water all over so I'd recommend using it in the shower. It has a very powerful jet and there are 2 speeds. They both pulse the water in short bursts and it is a little loud.. but it works. It is a little awkward to hold also and I am not sure if I am doing something wrong or what, but the flosser portion at the top slides down into the water tank for storage, but when you're using it, the flosser portion still slides down into the tank which causes the water to gush out the sides and get all over your shirt, etc. Is there something I am missing? The water jet is very strong, even hurts a little but I think it needs to be that strong to be effective. It's like a little power washer for your teeth.

Urech Gloria

This is a well designed product and performs just as advertised. It shoots a pulsating stream for a good straight 6 feet so there is more than adequate cleaning power, yet it is not hard on the gums unless you overdo it just as you can when brushing. Note: It DOES come with batteries. If purchasing, I suggest getting the extra tips if more than one person will be using it. Easy clean up. Open the reservoir "door" and drain remaining water out, Push the top down into the reservoir then close the "door", Push the side eject button to easily release the tip or you can just leave it on. Recommendation, use the eject button when removing and installing the tip to save wear & tear on the locking mechanism. I got this for travel but it fits nicely in the medicine cabinet even with the tip in place. Hope this helps. Enjoy!

Goldman Ashley

This was the first oral irrigator I bought and I loved it then. So I bought it again. So much easier than using regular floss. It can be made to be compact so it's easy for travel. I just wish it had multiple tips for different types of streams to get between different types of teeth. Also wish it was rechargable. Having to buy AA batteries is cool but still a hassle as they don't last as long as I would like. Has two speeds but I rarely use the first speed. I always use the second as the force allows for food to be decimated by this thing. But it still gets the job done. Easy to refill, easy to clean and dry when not in use. It'll do for now.

Wisbey Rosie

I have had this flosser for about 2 years now, very happy with it. It is not as powerful as a countertop model but I wanted to be able to use mine in the shower.Tips for new users:1) Get 4 quality AAA rechargeable batteries (I use eneloops); change to a charged pair every 1-1.5 weeks2) Keep the flosser clean! You need to know going in that mold can and will grow on any surface that stays wet which is much of this or any oral flosser.-- Store your flosser open (can leave the water tank on but open) with tip off so as much as air as possible can get to it-- Add 2 tbs of strong mouthwash to your water at least 1/week-- Pull the tank off and inspect for mold every other week or so-- Once a month, do a deep cleaning. Take everything you can get to apart (including the intake tube and valve).Soak the tip, tube and valve in a vinegar solution (I do 50/50 but that may be overkill). Run that vinegar solution through your flosser (I sit mine in a dish, without tip or inlet tube attached, on top of part of a plastic utensil to elevate it from the bottom). I let it run for 5min in the dish.

Angus Sophie

This thing is conceptually excellent. It's much more portable than the "portable" Waterflosser unit I'm replacing, and at least as powerful. Some have complained that there's not enough water in the reservoir. Nonsense. I fill it twice for a thorough cleaning at high speed, takes two or three seconds to fill. I'll happily trade that for a bulky unit with a hose.The design is extremely clever- collapsing into itself, and even including a little nook to store the nozzle. It's so clever, in fact, that it boggles my mind that they missed one little detail! It started collapsing the first time I used it. This made it quite awkward to use. After careful inspection, it became clear to me that there is no vent at the top of the water reservoir. The result is that air pressure builds up as the water level drops, which sucks the irrigator into the reservoir. DUH!I can't believe that:1) The designers didn't consider the basic physics of compressed air when engineering this thing;2) More people haven't complained about this in their reviews. I didn't read them all, but I read a good bunch. I imagine this would annoy just about anyone.I drilled a 1/8" hole in the top of the plastic reservoir to relieve the pressure (see photo). Now it works beautifully- no more collapsing. I did make one little error- drilled the hole on the wrong side. No big deal, I just hold my finger over the hole while filling. If you do decide to make this thing perfect though, drill the hole on the side with the fill port. (HelloHealings, if you read this feel free to add my improvement. I won't be patenting the process.)

Farmer Samantha

I bought this to replace a portable waterflosser, whose non-replaceable rechargeable batteries eventually died. It was sad to have to destroy a perfectly working waterflosser to tear out 2xNiMH rechargeable batteries same as you'd buy in a store. I vowed not to make that mistake again and found this flosser with replaceable batteries. I've had this exactly 2 months and it took about 6 weeks to go through the initial alkalines that came in it and I'm using Energizer recharge power plus 2300 mAh in it and they work just as well and still going strong 2 weeks in. Since the batteries last so long, and I have enough spares to always have a charged set when I need them, it's not any less inconvenient than finding the plug and plugging in one with built-in batteries every few weeks.Compared to the waterflosser, the power is pretty equivalent to my old portable waterflosser. It might be a little less, or maybe the tip is different -- I feel the HelloHealings is less of a tight jet and more of a thick jet of spray. But it still seems to remove everything brushing missed, so is probably just as effective. We'll have to see at my next dentist visit in the summer.Otherwise, this costs about half the price, seems to work as well or close to it, and it's far more portable. The fact it collapses and stores its own tip makes it travel FAR easier than the waterflosser, although I bought this for daily use. The noise and function is basically identical to my old waterflosser.

Jakoby Torsten

Update: A year and a half later and it’s still great!I've used this type of products for 20+ years. I've now had three battery-powered or rechargeable items. This is the best one I've used. It's strong and very compact. It's great for travel, which the others I've had are not. Great, great product.

Portable Sonic Waterpick
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