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Fungi Pen Advanced Anti Fungal Treatment for Toenail Fungus & Nail Fungus


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Topical nail serum enriched with Pomegranate, Sophora, and Angelica Root to hydrate the cuticles, fight fungal infections, and promote the growth of healthier, stronger nails. The serum is the best safe & natural solution for weak, damaged, and discolored nails. 

  • Advanced anti fungal formula
  • Relief within 24 hours
  • No harsh chemicals


Nail Fungus Relief + Results Guaranteed

Simply Super-Effective.

The Fungi Pen™ is so simple to use. Each pen contains 6mL of our powerful healing serum designed to penetrate deep into the nails and skin.

The strongest, most effective formula

The world's first advanced healing antifungal formula that is scientifically proven to penetrate deep into your skin and nails for maximum effectiveness. 

Our unique delivery system

The applicator pen utilizes Twist-Tec™ technology which ensures an even flow of serum is distributed throughout the bristles. It's as easy as twisting the opposite end of the brush and applying it to your nail.

Double the size, Double the healing

We doubled the size of our applicator pen, it now holds TWICE the amount of serum for DOUBLE the amount of healing so you can get rid nail fungus once and for all.

Relief you can count on

HelloHealings™ Fungi Pen is said to have a 99% efficacy approval rating and has 5 star reviews from over 2,000 customers. Let's start healing together.



Our powerful antifungal serum is made of completely natural ingredients and contains no harsh chemicals that can harm the body. It's safe to use for all ages.

Product details

What's included

Each Fungi Pen™ comes complete with a set of instructions on the back of the packaging and contains 6mL of advanced serum.


Deacetylated Chitin, O-Cyanobenzoic Acid, Angelica Dahurica, Sophora Flavescens Extract, Nepeta Cataria Extract, Acetic Acid, Cnidium Monnieri Extract, Zanthoxylum Bungeanum Extract, Punica Granatum Extract (Pomegranate), Gleditsia Sinensis Extract 

Frequently asked questions

What is nail fungus?

Nail fungus is a common condition that begins as a white or yellow spot under the tip of your fingernail or toenail.  Fungal nail infection can develop in people at any age, but it's more common in older adults. By applying our serum to the nail 3 times per day you'll ensure that your nails have the best chance at fighting the fungi.

How do I use the Fungi Pen™?

Each Pen comes complete with instructions and contains 6mL of our advanced anti-fungal serum.

The Fungi Pen™ is safe to use for all ages, so getting started is as simple as removing the brush cover. Twist the opposite end of the brush in a clockwise rotation, letting serum flow to the bristles of the brush.

Begin to brush the serum gently over the affected nail and the healing will begin.  Ensure that there is an even coat on the affected nail and let it dry for at least 10 minutes. For best results repeat 3 times daily over 30 consecutive days.

How many treatments are there?

Our Fungi Pen™ is now double the size it used to be! Each pen now has double the amount of advanced formula it had before. Just a single pen will give you around 45 applications.  If you have more than one affected nail, we highly recommend shopping one of our bundles. Our best "bang for your buck" deals are when you buy more than one pen. This will ensure you never miss a treatment.

How long do results take to work?

After your first application, the serum will soak into the nail and begin to relieve the affected area.  For full healing results, try to let the serum fully soak into the nail after each application at a recommended 3 times per day for a span of 6 months.

Why 6 months you may ask? We have determined it takes about 6 months to fully regrow a nail, the serum has strong antibacterial and antifungal agents to protect the new nail that grows in the place of the old one.

For lasting results, the applicator should be used regularly.  Allow the serum to work into the nail.  It is important to remember that nails take time to grow and you must be patient. Always have a Fungi Pen™ handy to keep those fungal outbreaks at bay!

Is there a Money-Back Guarantee?

Yes, we have absolute confidence in providing the best Fungal Nail treatment in the world. That's why we have our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. We guarantee that your nail will improve after using our Fungi Pen™ for 30 consecutive days.

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Fungi Pen Advanced Anti Fungal Treatment for Toenail Fungus & Nail Fungus
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