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I have had multiple heating pads before But none that snapped and strapped I have every disc in my back bulging and cracked and my hip and spine are displaced and it gives me so much comfort laying down wearing this. I would recommend it to everyone.

I still have the fungus in my nail, been using this product for months now, it only helps my nail from getting thick or the nail curving in the skin.

Does not fit my wife very well . Gaps in back and lies away from neck but she has to lay back for it to touch her neck and back. Does like it when she can get it to lay up against her. Said wishes she could lay on it.

Quick delivery, my go-to product

Arrived withiin a few weeks of ordering which is great. Have had my best results from this product after trying several others. Recommended.

Excellent product

Quality materials and design preforms as described. Very warm so I only use low setting.

Fungi Pen Advanced Anti Fungal Treatment for Toenail Fungus & Nail Fungus


I’ve tried everything possible including prescription medications over the last 10 years and nothing worked until I found this pen. Absolutely amazing results!

Heating Pad

Have to give 4 stars because it was not specific that it was a plug in only. Thought it was a home and on the go one.

This thing is amazing. My husband and I fight over who gets it first.

Heating Pad Vest for Neck & Shoulders, XL Heating Pad w/ Auto Shut Off, Soothe Muscle Cramps & Soreness

Love it!

My daughter-in-law absolutely loved it!

Wife loves it and wears it every day

Bought this for my wife and she wears it around the house - funny to see her tethered to her extension cord as she works in the kitchen - she says it makes such a difference in helping her with her neck and shoulder pan - she tells me how easy it was to wash - thank you

Great Customer Service

We order the XL Heating pad with auto shut off and after about 2 weeks it stopped functioning. We contacted HelloHealing and were able to get a replacement after a short talk via email. A+ for customer service.

Heating Pad Vest for Neck & Shoulders, XL Heating Pad w/ Auto Shut Off, Soothe Muscle Cramps & Soreness

Heating Pad Vest for Neck & Shoulders, XL Heating Pad w/ Auto Shut Off, Soothe Muscle Cramps & Soreness

Good Product

Disappointed you can not set a timer on it to extend the auto shut off. Other then that good product.

Mani-Pedi Set
Art Castro (Los Angeles, US)
This product really help my toe nail grow without a problem

I have have been using this pen for about 2 years and it has been working for me my toe nail has not fallen in this time of using it, I use it twice a day 7 day a week.

Large Coverage

Bought for my wife who has back and neck stiffness from injuries caused by a car accident 40 years ago. It is large enough to cover her neck and whole back. Now she sits and watches TV in comfort. She hated using the little 12" square heating pads that you buy at the pharmacy. She was constantly having to move and reposition it.

It's Working!

My toenails were completely overtaken with fungus. It came about from being a lifeguard. I have been using this product off and on for a year now. Prior to using HelloHealings pens, I Took a pharmaceutical drug. It did work on two of my nails but not the rest. But it also created a lump on my throat because it's poison. So I stopped taking it. Saw these pens and have been using them but only 1 time a day. I can see that they are killing the fungus and my nails are slowly returning to normal, healthy nails. It's very exciting to think that I will be able to wear open-toed sandals again, and not have to hide my toes in the sand. Plus, I no longer have pain when I touch my toenails. I think these are amazing.

Just WOW!!

Love that it heats from top if neck to the bottom of ur bottom glorious!!

Extra long extra better

Very soft and comfortable. Bought for extra length and neck.

Not able to use in my country🥺