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Heated Vest for Men & Women, USB Heated Vest with 2 Controls


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This battery-powered Heated Vest is compatible with ANY 5V/2A power bank. The heated vest has 6 heating zones that are lined with high-quality carbon fiber keeping your neck, back, abdomen, and waist nice and toasty! The USB Heated Vest is also extremely lightweight weighing in at only 14 oz, it's no different than wearing any other ordinary vest. The dual independent button controls are conveniently placed on the chest giving you easy control over your warmth choice.

Dual Independent Controls

The control panel located on the chest allows you to adjust the temperature levels and control the on/off separately. Three different LED colored lights will tell you the selected temperature level.

Built For Winter

With 6 heating zones that cover your neck, back, abdomen, and waist keeping your entire upper body warm. Enjoy 4-8 hours of warmth with a single 10,000 mAh power bank.

Product details

Size chart
 Size(in) Small Medium Large


26.5 27.3 28.3
Shoulder 17.0 17.7 18.5
Chest 42.0 44.0 46.0
Waist 41.0 43.0 45.0
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Product reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Jennifer Miyamoto Echeverria
Very High Quality

This vest is very high quality. It has several pockets, its lightweight and very stylish. The electronic heating element on the vest really heats up fast. There are 3 heating levels and the battery life is long also. If you keep the heating level on low the battery will last the longest, 4 hours, medium level the battery lasts 3.5 hours and if on high it will last 2 hours. I love that there are 3 options. The fact that it heats the back of my neck is a bonus! You would expect the heating elements to be in the back, waist and stomach area, but the back of the neck was a cool feature. As for the size i feel it fits true to size, and the care seems easy if you follow the directions and hand wash, which i haven't done yet. I recommend this vest for anyone spending long periods of time outdoors, or just in the house with the heat on low.

Denise Russo
Great Vest!

I had an issue with the vest I received, the temperature controls were not working properly. I contacted the company and they responded very quickly and sent a new replacement vest. The replacement arrived quickly and works great. The customer service is fantastic and very helpful. I love that you can control both the back and the front separately. I love that there are three temperatures for each; high, medium and low. It is easy to use and works so great. It heats up fast and keeps you warm even in very cold temps! I would recommend this heated vest to everyone. You can use it anytime and anywhere, even inside if you just want a little more warmth! The vest itself is good looking and very comfy! I really love this vest!

Peggy Mocny
Fits well if you don't have hips lol

The best was perfect in all but size for me. I'm a woman with an unfortunately large behind and hips to go with lol....and I went by the sizing but I should have gone with my instincts so that's my fault 😆. I will be purchasing the next size up for me and thankfully it perfectly fits my friend so I don't need to worry about sending it back 💛.The best does take a bit to warm up but once it does, just putting it on low and then putting a hoodie on over it was perfect according to my friend. Definitely will be getting one for me since I work outside at the airport.

Patty Steiner
Versatile and handy.

Fits really good. I am a construction worker in New York City and I need to have movement in my arms. So I don't like to be weighed down by a lot of thick layers. Nice to have the warmth when you need it and the ability to turn it off when you don't. When sun picks up and you're outside working you don't want to get all sweaty and uncomfortable. Works very well for outside work or hiking on trails.

Moises Navarro
Very warm

I am 6’1” and 180 lbs and this fits me perfectly. Even without the power on these vests are very warm and comfortable. I have a smallCompact battery pack and I am very impressed with how long the battery lasts heating both the front and the back. The vest is very warm and does an excellent job of maintaining the warmth. I am very happy with the quality and functionality of this best.

Emiliana Casado
Pleasantly Surprised By This Vest!

OK, I'm gonna shoot straight with you, because that's the kind of review I like to read myself. I bought this anticipating it to be rather bulky, coarse, and not much more than tolerable in fit and feel. It's what I've seen before in these vests. So I was slightly shocked to find that this one is lightweight, quite comfortable, and the polyester fabric is smooth and seems well-made. Maybe it sounds odd, but I feel like the lining, which is an almost supple weave incorporating silver strands, adds a sense of weight and strength to it that is perfect as a layer against cool temps. I was also really impressed by the near-invisible pockets. When zipped closed, you have to look hard to tell they exist. When open, plenty of space to slide in even my Hellboy-ish hands with room to spare!It took me a little time to play around with the electronic aspect to figure it all out. (Again, shooting straight, the instructional pictorial pamphlet that comes with... leaves a little bit to be desired. Better to rely on the pics on the item description page.) The two activation buttons on the lapel allow a wearer to heat the Belly (just above the pockets [which are nice and deep, btw]), the Back (I'm including a pic with post-it notes showing the stitched-in heating elements), or both. At first I used a powerbank (battery pack) that was quite small by current standards, and only the belly would heat up. I feared it defective until I grabbed a bigger powerbank, still only 1650 maH, and both belly and back powered up. Lesson learned: I know you have grown attached to the powerbank you use with your Sony Walkman, but it's time to update. The powerbank plugs into a cord in an inside pocket, and stores easily there.The heat has three levels: High/Red, Medium/Blue, & Low/Green, and you can select different levels for each area, per your heat needs. Hold the button down until it turns on to High, then click your way through the levels until you find your sweet spot. Hold the button again to shut off. The heat was pleasantly buffered by the vest lining, and didn't provide any uncomfortable, flinchy hot spots to worry about ("Hey, sorry I set your sofa on fire. Great vest, though, am I right?!?").On my 1650 maH battery, I was able to run Belly & Back for 2 hours on Low. Low is great for you to feel just a little extra warmth backing you up on a cool day. I picked up a 10,000 maH powerbank, but haven't had the chance to test drive it on a really cold day yet.I'm 6', 195 lbs. I ordered a Large. The fit through the body is perfect. It is just a little snug on my hips if I wear it pulled all the way down. Raise it an inch and it's in the waist area and plenty of room to maneuver. Oh yeah, there's a plastic cap on the USB connector that makes the entire thing machine washable!Who knew it could be this cool to stay this warm!

Kathy Johnson
Excellent vest, plus it's heated!

This is my favorite heated vest that I've found so far! I've bought 2 others that were pretty good, but this one really is much better.The shell feels more durable and isn't just a thin layer of nylon that rips at the slightest catch. The lining is also more substantial than others and has a woven texture. The interior breast pocket is zippered and the battery pocket holds my battery securely.This vest is a bit longer in the waist and has a slightly higher collar than typical vests, which I do like, since it keeps my neck out of the wind and covers my lower back if/when my shirt comes untucked when I bend over.The fill seems to be fairly warm with the heating element turned off and doesn't feel too puffy. I am able to wear it as a layer underneath some of my larger coats without issue or too much bulk.My only disappointment is that it didn't come with it's own battery, which it does mention in the title, though other heated vests out there typically include them. Not the worst since it uses a USB power pack, so I can use one of my many 10k mAh batteries.I think the quality of the materials and build put this vest above other mainstream heated vests.

Heated Vest for Men & Women, USB Heated Vest with 2 Controls
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